Illustration is a service that surprisingly enough is normally not provided by your average design studio but rather the studio will commission an illustrator on your behalf.  This where we have the edge above most. All illustration work is done right here in our studio. Rather than the use of frequently downloaded on-line clipart references, most serious clients prefer original hand illustrated art.  Whether it’s a cover for a CD or DVD, a character for a book, a poster or a logo, there’s nothing tackier than discovering ‘your’ image is commonly used and shared with others. It looks cheap and can negatively reflect your business. 

The aim of an illustration is to elucidate or decorate a story, poem or piece of textual information by providing a visual representation of something described in the text. Illustrations can also supply visual information or assist with instructions for operation manuals, medical books etc. The style of Illustration is usually determined by the nature of the culture or industry it targets. As an example simplistic vector style art is synonymous with corporate business and hi tech while the more adventurous storybook style is reserved for books, apparel and action posters. For this reason, versatility of illustration styles is imperative. 

THEO KATS ANTONI Illustrator/Designer

Theo’s (Theo Saurus-Rex) commercial art career began way back in the early eighties at Media Advertising Services, a well respected and powerful advertising firm based in Broadway, Sydney.  Years later he was appointed as an in-house illustrator and designer for one of Sydney’s most popular music stores, ‘Venue Music’. At Venue Theo single handedly compiled, designed, hand illustrated and hand wrote entire 30-50 newspaper style monthly catalogues filled with hilarious comical parodies! Each product photo featured in the catalogue would be satirised with a silly cartoon. Each catalogue a mammoth feat but worthwhile, as his distinct comic book style was a key factor in the success of these sales. Keen and curious punters would come to the store and ask to meet the artist behind the all the madness. But it wasn’t until the early nineties when his comical illustration extended beyond just musical instruments and into more mainstream popular satire and lifestyle magazines like ‘MAD Magazine’, Cracked, Born to Sin, Ozbike and the Balmain Village Voice. In 1996 he started his own design company T-Rex Art and has since then illustrated and designed a plethora of subjects including logos, posters, comics, children’s toy characters, apparel, merchandise, story boards instruction manuals Video CD, DVD covers and finally the official Wests Tigers Rugby League Club logo.

When it comes to versatility, Theo can deliver just about any style of art asked of him. 

Above are some examples of illustration from our portfolio. More illustration and other work are available in our full portfolio.

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