When it comes to promoting your business, service or anything, sometimes it pays to produce merchandise items that go out to the public and spread the word! Think of them as moving billboards that dangle off your key set, sit on somebody’s head or across a chest. Yes, key rings, Caps, T-Shirts, Cups, Beer Coolers, Mousepads, Frisbees, Badges etc, all featuring your wonderful logo and conveying your very important message. In a way merchandising can be regarded as a subtle marketing exercise because parallel to it’s promotional objective it also serves well cosmetically by adding character and fashion sense to the product. Some people choose to wear T-shirts that just look cool and may feature your logo.  While a magazine advertisement will cost you a small fortune in exchange for a limited time of promotion, a well designed and appealing merchandise item such as a T-Shirt or Cap will continue to promote your business for years! Consequently after your initial production costs, all the advertising generated by your merchandising exercise is free and long lasting. We can design just about any type of merchandising item you can think of including full sets from shirts to mugs. Here’s an example of basic merchandising items we can custom design for your business.







Above are some examples of merchandise designs from our portfolio. More merchandise designs and other work are available in our full portfolio.

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