“What’s in the box?” – BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING

Nothing is more important than your product’s packaging. It can make the difference between a sale or not. In a world where ‘the visual is everything’ one can be totally excused for choosing the wrong product just by the way it was packaged! This of course means the obvious and that is a better packaged product will always have a cut above the rest. So it makes perfect sense to take your product packaging as seriously as you did with it’s development and production. 


With over 35 years experience in the live music industry our designer Theo Katsantoni, has more than enough musical knowledge and industry awareness than most out there. One client once referred to him as a kind of ‘visual producer’. When it comes to Music CD, design and packaging, it comes as a great benefit for the client when the artist has a greater understanding of the music industry. Just as fashion dictates style, we too know what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’, what’s hip and what’s not. Of course in the end, the client has the final say and we’re more than happy to oblige. It should also be noted that while we can design using the typical methods of today, that is, the use of stock materials and fonts etc, we can also offer an original illustration based style similar to the traditional methods used by famous album cover design masters, Hypgnosis. When it comes to your design we’re happy to hear what you want and offer you the best possible options based on your taste and of course budget. Finally when you design is complete we can arrange for printing and delivery or if you prefer you’re welcome to take care of that yourself!

Above are some examples of cd designs from our portfolio. More cd designs and other work are available in our full portfolio.

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We specialise in the entertainment industry, having done posters, advertisments, websites, cd designs and t-shirts for many bands. Read more about what we can do for your band.


Not unlike CD design or any product for that matter, designing and packaging a DVD beautifully will get you closer to a sale. T-Rex Art boasts an outstanding number of Video, DVD and Blu Ray cover designs. With literally over 1,500 titles over the last 20 years, there’s plenty of experience right there! We can re-design old movie covers and present them as new. We can also faithfully reproduce them back to their glorious original vintage. In some cases we have designed covers from scratch with little or no reference at all. As for packaging we can offer you a wide choice of options including stock quality, die-cuts and a variety of shapes and styles to choose from. Whatever it is that you’re wanting to put out there, we can do it!

Above are some examples of dvd designs from our portfolio. More dvd designs and other work are available in our full portfolio.

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The most fundamental factor in packaging is that it must appear appropriate for its purpose and impressively presented from a design point of view so as to immediately appeal to your target market.  In order to achieve this, a great deal of research is spent into your market and competitor fields before we present you with suitable solutions for your product’s packaging design. This way we can ensure that whatever choice you make from our list of logical options, you’ll be well covered in terms of all marketing and  buying triggers required to quickly move your product off the shelves. Bottom line, the better it looks, the easier it sells and that’s what we’re here for!

Above are some examples of general packaging designs from our portfolio. More packaging designs and other work are available in our full portfolio.

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